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Key Information Documents (KIDs)

Carbon13 LP I KID
Conduit EIS Impact Fund - KID
Daxia Fund KID
Fearless Adventures EIS Fund KID
OnePlanetCapital Selected Opportunities KID
QantX 2023 KID
QantX 2024 KID
Science Creates Ventures 2A LP KID
SFC SEIS Fund 2023-24 KID
SHUFL Capital Happiness Fund I KID
The Volution Venture Fund KID
Active partners 202324 EIS KID
The AllBright EIS Fund KID
Atlantic Screen Media EIS Fund KID
Carbon13 SEIS Fund III KID
Carbon13 SEIS Fund IV KID
Conviction Founders Fund KID
DeepTech Labs Fund 1 KID
Epicure SEIS Fund KID
Form Ventures II LP KID
Form Ventures Fund I KID
Fuel Ventures EIS Fund KID
The Goldfinch SEIS Fund KID
The Goldfinch EIS Fund KID
Hindsight Media EIS Fund KID
The Imbiba London Freehold EIS Fund KID
The Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund (2019/20) KID
Mariana Estate Planning Service KID
Mariana Growth EIS Fund KID
Mariana Waste Management EIS KID
Mariana Waste Management EIS KID
OnePlanetCapital Climate Change EIS Fund KID
Science Creates Ventures EIS Fund 1 KID
Science Creates Ventures Fund 2B KID
SFC Growth EIS Fund KID
SFC SEIS Fund (2019/20) KID
SFC SEIS Fund 2021/22 KID
The Silver Lining Screen Fund KID
OPEC Climate Change SEIS KID
OPEC Climate Change EIS KID
NFV The Westcountry Endeavour SEIS Fund 1 KID

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Email: [email protected]

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