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Company Story

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a group of people related by blood or marriage…

Having worked in Venture Capital for many years as close rivals, in 2018 our Co-Founders put aside their competitive instincts and joined forces to form Kin Group. Both shared the belief that service provision in the alternative investment space was poor. They could see how technology was evolving ever more rapidly. Both believed that technology was a key part of the solution. Having previously built software, and having worked in pretty much every VC role from front to back office, they were well placed to build something of value to the industry. Both had overlapping and complimentary skill sets to make it happen. Most importantly both Co-Founders shared the same values.

A business partnership is a marriage of sorts, but so too is the nature of the relationship the Co-Founders sought to achieve with clients. They also wanted the same strong bond amongst members of the wider Kin team. Alignment of interests, a genuine desire to see the other in the relationship succeed, a recognition that we all have our faults and the courage to have difficult conversations when necessary – were just some of the things they wanted to achieve.

Our purpose as a business is to make life easier for asset managers and ultimately for asset owners. Originally not designed for public consumption, six years after putting what the co-founders wanted to achieve in words, the Co-Founders were persuaded to publish the wording below. It is not a mission statement. It is not a list of values. It is what every new team member signs up to. It is what we believe in. It is our bond…

“Ever conscious of the fact we are responsible for other people’s money, we want to reinvent the market for the benefit of our clients, our investors and ourselves. We seek to generate a profit (lots of it), but in the right way...our values are not for sale. We are innovative and are not afraid to be different. We work hard...but smart and know how to have fun. Meeting requirements is not enough, we exceed requirements. If something doesn’t work, we fix it. If we have to be asked to fix it, something has gone wrong somewhere. We support our colleagues."

We are a tribe. We are Kin.”

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Our Purpose

Making life easier for VC asset managers.

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